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The Fashion Composers (TFC) Agency is an international modeling agency in Amsterdam that represents multitalented, professionally trained dancers. Experts of elegance, disciplined in performing under pressure, with a knowledge of their bodies and the ability to transform movement into emotion.

TFC Agency goes beyond traditional modeling and beauty standards, emphasizing artistry and uniqueness as its core.

Our models are dancers of the highest caliber who represent the intersection of fashion and art. We offer a new way of modeling and a different dimension to fashion.


The Fashion Composers, Hannah de Klein & Pascalle Paerel, are the Dutch creative duo and founders of TFC Agency. They are both ballerinas with the Dutch National Ballet, one of the top 5 ballet-companies in the world.



TFC Agency represents a diverse group of professional dancers from only the highest-ranked dance companies, both women and men. Disciplined artists, with strong personalities and unique identities. Used to the spotlight, trained to control every angle and muscle of their bodies, our models are able to give an extra dimension to your photo shoot, runway, event or video production.

TFC Agency offers several types of consultancy, from concept to realization, including choreography and movement direction.


TFC Agency plans and coordinates bookings to ensure that the needs of both client and dancer are met. This respects our models as top-level dancers in the most prestigious dance companies in the world who balance their dance careers with their modeling work. TFC Agency does not work with specific age- or height-selected dancers, although most of our dancers fit the requirements of traditional modeling agencies.

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